Frequently Asked Questions

  • Help! I feel like my tinnitus is worsening after using Freequency. Is this a common occurrence?

In exposure therapy, the principle on which Freequency is based, it is not uncommon for the initial experience of tinnitus to become more intense. This is the emotional brain marking the perception of tinnitus as alarming and reacting accordingly. The repetition of exposure is intended to reduce aversion when becoming conscious of tinnitus, ultimately leading to an improvement in its intensity and the perceived burden of tinnitus. Of course, you are always free to decide whether to accept this initially. Take breaks when necessary or ask questions if you have any. Interested in learning more? Read more here!

  • How long do I need to play Freequency before tinnitus symptoms may lessen?

That varies per person. We suggest allowing approximately 6-8 weeks for effects to become noticeable. This timeframe is based on studies demonstrating that neuroplasticity takes about that amount of time with repetitive training. However, we’ve had players who experienced positive effects earlier, as well as some who didn’t notice a significant difference after two months of play. Just as unique as you are, so can be the outcome. 

  • When I open the TestFlight app, I receive a prompt to enter an invitation code. How can I open the app?

Als je op de link klikt die is opgenomen in de handleiding die je ontvangt na aanmelding, word je doorgestuurd naar een optie om de ‘TestFlight’-app te downloaden in de App Store. Wanneer je deze hebt geïnstalleerd, sluit de app volledig af. Hierna klik je opnieuw op de link, dan kom je uit bij een optie om de Freequency app te downloaden, in de TestFlight app. Het is dus niet de bedoeling om de TestFlight app apart te openen.  

  • I can’t find my tinnitus sound in the Freequency app. What do I do? 

It’s unfortunate that you can’t find the correct tone to match your sound. For Freequency, we’ve utilized an extensive sound library that encompasses a wide range of frequencies. Unfortunately, there are instances where individuals may experience sounds that fall outside of this library. While we aim to expand the range in the future, there is currently nothing we can do to alter this.

  • How long will the test app be online? 

The free trial period for Freequency will continue until at least this summer. We recommend using the app for at least a month, every day for 10 minutes. This is the period during which we measure the best results. This way, you can also ensure whether the app can make a difference for you or not.