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Before playing

Freequency is specifically designed for individuals aged 18 to 80 who experience tinnitus, the perception of sound without a clear source, ranging from ringing and hissing to buzzing or white noise in one or both ears. The use of Freequency is at your own risk. Although there are currently few known risks associated with the app and augmented reality games in general, we recommend stopping the game if you experience discomfort or additional symptoms. Prolonged screen focus may cause dizziness; in such cases, it is advisable to take a break and look away. We advise against using the Freequency app if you experience unpleasant dizziness while playing.

The app incorporates proven effective treatment methods, including:

  • Exposure therapy
  • Auditory object identification
  • Calibration of the auditory system with visual feedback
  • Mirror visual feedback (phantom pain)

You are encouraged to play Freequency daily for at least 10 minutes for a minimum of 4 weeks. This is crucial for optimal results and progress measurement. Please be aware that noticeable results may only occur after this period of daily play. During your initial play, you will complete a baseline measurement through a questionnaire in the app, focusing on your tinnitus experience. Subsequently, we will measure potential progress weekly for the next 4 weeks using the same questionnaire, and you will receive push notifications from the app.

Patience is crucial in achieving the intended goals. Throughout your Freequency experience, we encourage you to share both positive and negative experiences via Your feedback is invaluable and helps us continuously improve the app. Please remember that this version of the game is a test version and may have imperfections. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation as we collectively strive for an even better user experience.

Thank you for trying out Freequency! We look forward to hearing about your experiences and any feedback during this period of self-discovery.

Let's start

Step 1: Click on the button below using your iPhone or iPad.

Step 2: You will be redirected to this screen:  

Step 3: Press the first blue button ‘view in App Store’.  

Step 4: You will be redirected to the App Store, and press to install the TestFlight app.  

Step 5: Fully close the TestFlight app by swiping it away.  

Step 6: Go back to Safari; the screen from step 2 should still be open.  

Step 6: Press the second blue button ‘start testing’.  

Step 7: You will arrive at this screen:  

Step 8: Press continue.  

Step 9: You will see the Freequency app; press install.  From here, you can open the app!  We hope you have a lot of fun playing!