control your tinnitus


control your tinnitus

Freequency is an Augmented Reality Game in which you match your own tinnitus sound to the sounds in the app. Subsequently, using Augmented Reality, you playfully search for the location of that sound.

The aim is to teach your brain to recognize the sound as non-threatening and take action. This approach is based on the principle of Mirror Therapy for phantom pain. The ultimate goal of this AR Game is to gain control over your tinnitus.

Do you want to discover the impact the Freequency app can have on your tinnitus symptoms? Try the free trial version of Freequency now through the form below. Upon registration, you will receive 4 feedback emails over a span of 4 weeks, where we welcome your experiences and feedback.

*Freequency is currently only available for testing on IOS.

This is how it works

1. Find your sound.

Try to set up your tinnitus sound as accurately as possible. Choose your specific tone, hight and volume.

2. Listen and look for birds.

Listen carefully to where the sound is coming from and look around with your phone. You will see a little bird sitting where the sound is coming from.

3. Repeat.

Repeat this every day for a maximum of 10 minutes. This way, you are training your brain

The Freequency app is very accessible and may seem like ‘just a game.’ However, every aspect of the game has been consciously chosen, based on current scientific knowledge in the field of tinnitus.

Do you have any questions after installing the Freequency app?

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Freequency is developed by Manuele Therapie Loverbos and Hulan